Our featured agent for November is Jackie Peters. Jackie has been very successful, including qualifying for the Trinity Life trip and earning a very nice living. She has also struggled at times and actually left the business for a time. She is back now and ready to claim a spot near the top of the production report. Let’s meet her…

Well, I just turned 54 on Halloween.  I’ve done many different things in my life, many having to do with people.  This is a list since I was 16…Trenton House Restaurant, dish washer to waitress, Jim’s Formal wear, Gingiss Formal wear, Weisser Optical, A.G. Edwards, The Coat Co., MO Federal Court, Eastern District of MO Court of Appeals, Holscher-Wernig Furniture Co.  At age 27 I finally went to school to be a Physical Therapist Asst. along with massage therapy.  Got a part-time job waitressing at Cracker Barrel for 6 weeks, passed the series 6 and 63 investment exams, gained 25 lbs. in 10 months and almost lost my mind.  Then Jennifer and Ken Monken rescued me.  I started selling final expense life insurance with the Jim Mall Group.  When things got tough for me in 2015 I had a wild hair that I should try dog grooming.  That didn’t work out so well.  I found out I didn’t like getting bit by dogs – big ones.  So I just do that to help out our local dog groomer.  I decided to get back into final expense and have added annuities.  So getting back into things with a little twist.

About my family…I’m divorced after 28 years and 9 months.  I have 2 grown kids.  My son, Zachary, is 29, married and has 2 children, ages almost 3yrs and a baby about 3 months.  My daughter, Bryanne, is 24, living in St. Louis going to nursing school and works at Children’s Hospital.  I currently live with my boyfriend and high school classmate, Brad Farrar.  He also has his license for life insurance and annuities.

I’ve been in this business since November 2012.

In my spare time I like to camp, boat, cook, babysit my grandkids and recently I started…CrossFit! Having the Physical Therapy background, I’ve always enjoyed exercising, but CrossFit kicks my butt!! That’s a love/hate relationship.  I do really enjoy it though.

Some of my favorites:

Food:  gumbo, gyros, crabs cakes, Italian food, Mexican food…you can tell, I like pretty much any food and love to make it. I also enjoy bulletproof coffee and dry wine.

Singer:  Elvis, Andy Williams (Christmas), Michael Buble, and I enjoy listening to my daughter sing

Band:  Big Band music, a lot of music from the sixties and seventies, Grateful Dead

Sports Team:  I don’t really get into sports, sorry

Movie:  The Family Stone. I enjoy any movie that’s has a good plot and fairly clean.

TV Show:  Johnny Carson, I really like to old variety shows from the seventies

Advice for someone looking to join our team:  Be as coachable as you can, don’t try to re-invent the wheel, copy cat the leaders, get ready to ride a roller coaster, there’s a lot of ups and downs, do your best to stay positive, persist, persist, persist.  Always do what’s right for your client and be honest. I am a reader at my church and God is my foundation.

Well is there anything else you need to know about me…I’m an old soul.  I have lots of energy and I like things simple, although I have a tendency to get complicated and not trust my abilities and myself.  But on the whole, I’ll jump right on in there as long as I know I’m not going to get hurt.  I know the only way to grow is to do things that are out of my comfort zone.