Our SIS featured agent for August is a hard working Texan who has been very successful in her relatively short time in the business, qualifying for a company trip and helping a lot of people in the process. Let’s meet Jackie Jaquez!

I am so honored to be asked to share my life, my thoughts and my ideals with everyone.

First, let me say I’ve worked lots of jobs in my life. My first job at age 16 was at Dairy Queen (where I obtained a great work ethic!) Since then I have been a newspaper reporter, writer and ad sales person, worked in hospital admissions and management, been a trucking company dispatcher, and office manager, a food service director at a TX school district… and that’s to name only a few of the positions I’ve held. I’ve also pursued a few entrepreneurial type opportunities such as hand painting clothing items for companies like Sheplers Western Wear and Dolly Wood through an independent company.

I must say that the one thing I really disliked about most of these jobs was having to punch someone else’s time clock and making the big money for them while keeping the pittance for myself.

While pursuing these occupations, I was also a single mother attempting to raise three boys to be positive influences on others, as well as to be successful in their own rights. I am now blessed with three wonderful daughters who are the loves of my children’s lives and four amazing grandchildren whom I adore.

My favorite foods are pretty much anything that’s edible! That’s not exactly a good thing… However, please don’t attempt to convince me that raw tomatoes or slimy things such as raw oysters are either good or edible. We will have a serious disagreement about that one!

Most of my spare time is spent with family. I love just hanging out and talking and sharing with them (I have been accused of having LOTS of words!).  Having family dinners and sitting with grandchildren so mamas and daddy’s can enjoy that much needed time alone is such a blessing to me.

My favorite music is Christian. I really enjoy praise and worship and time alone with the One who created me. Because Christ first loved me and saved me and blessed me and set my feet on the path of righteousness, I am able to genuinely love others. He created me for a purpose and I want to give back as much as I can of what He gave to me.

When God opened this door of opportunity, it was an answer to prayer. I had asked Him for a way to support myself but to also be in full time ministry. I didn’t want just another J-O- B! Senior Insurance Solutions is that open door for me. It has been said to me that this is the perfect model for self-employment. I have to agree!

We have the most wonderful support system, beginning with Jim Mall and going right on down the line. The wisdom and experience of each member makes for a great team and one that I’m so blessed to be involved with.

My advice to anyone desiring to become a part of this unheralded contingency of fine folks is this: be prepared to work hard, be self-motivated, possess organizational skills, realize that most times some travel will be required, and most importantly genuinely love others and desire to help them in their quest to be financially prepared when it’s their time to leave this current life and enter into eternity.

Your future is in your hands and your income potential is uncapped. It’s all up you!