The SIS featured agent for July is actually two agents, the team of Larry and Carol Trimble from Wichita, Kansas. The Trimble’s have been successful business owners for over forty years, starting with building, installing and operating cable TV systems throughout the Midwest and expanding to the west coast. In 2002 they made the decision to sell the business and went looking for another avenue to satisfy their entrepreneurial spirit. They decided to try the insurance business. After attending a training seminar featuring Jim Mall in the fall of 2005, they came on board and have been here ever since.

On a personal note, they have one son and two grandchildren with whom they spend most of their free time. This is a main reason for their love of this business, the free time it allows to do this type of thing.



Food: We both enjoy Chinese and Mexican food.

Music: Carol is a fan of Christian music, and Larry likes the Rat Pack tunes of Frank, Sammy and Dean.

Sports Teams: Carol is not a big sports fan, but Larry roots for the Royals and the Chiefs.

Movie: Carol’s favorite is The War Room and Larry likes Saving Private Ryan. Larry is a student of military history.

TV Show: Carol enjoys Shark Tank and Larry watches NCIS.

When asked why they have been with the group for eleven years, Larry said this team gives you all the tools you need to become as successful as you desire. But then added, “But of course you have to take the tools and use them!”