Aging CoupleIt’s hard enough to lose a loved one: A parent, brother or sister. It is even more difficult when loved ones are left to pay expenses associated with a funeral because of the lack of planning. Social Security pays only $255 for the expenses associated with a funeral. In 2011, the total cost for an average funeral and internment was nearly $10,000. The surviving spouse or children usually pay any unpaid funeral costs and balances. Even worse, if a nursing home were to become involved, a family’s savings could be wiped out in minutes. This could leave a surviving spouse or children with a huge financial burden. With proper Final Expense planning, we can protect families for pennies on the dollar. And unlike many sales markets, our target audience is growing. Rapidly! The number of Americans age 55 and older will almost double by 2030 to 107.6 million. This segment of our population will represent a staggering 31% of the population in the United States!

These statistics are proof positive that the need for Final Expense Agents both now and in the future is strong.


Ken Monken

So, is this opportunity for you?

“Certainly I’m not the one to answer that, but I can tell you why others came on board.  Check out their reasons below.  If you have questions, or you’re excited to get rolling on a new adventure with us…Call or email me now and LET’S GO!”



  • I was tired of working for someone else.
  • I’ve always wanted to try a “no ceiling on your income”commission based job.
  • Cannot only make a very nice income but have the possibility each year to earn an awesome all-inclusive vacation to an exotic locale.
  • I can work my schedule around any ballgames or school activities that come up.
  • The training I receive allows me to be very knowledgeable when meeting with prospects.
  • SIS is a very successful and helpful group of agents, many of whom I’ve become great friends with.
We understand that if we want to continue to be successful in the final expense insurance industry we must provide the training and support our sales force needs to become top producing insurance sales agents.  We start by making sure that we choose our final expense carriers wisely.  It is very important that our insurance agents have products that are a viable option for the consumer regardless of income and health conditions.
Our management team sells final expense insurance weekly and they do it very well.  They know that our system works and will make sure that you understand our selling process inside and out.  We will give you the road map and then pave the way for you to become a top final expense insurance sales agent.
The number one reason agents love to sell Final Expense Life Insurance is the FREEDOM it affords them. As an independent agent, your own efforts determine how much money you make. You decide when and where you work. You meet new people almost every day, most of them like you, and most of them become your clients! As an independent life insurance producer, your business can be run to fit your lifestyle. Does your son or daughter have a ball game, recital, or school function? Go ahead and work that into your schedule! Got a chance to share a condo in the Bahamas with the in-laws next month? Go ahead, if you want to. Put it in your planner and go! It’s your business –own it!


Your interest in our organization shows that you have taken a major step in insuring your future success. If you are looking for a company with a record of helping agents reach their professional goals, then you’ve come to the right place! We are so excited to have you on our team and look forward to helping you grow to your full potential!

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